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Mar 12, 2019
Yearly CCR Report
Yearly CCR Report
Jan 07, 2019
2019 Recycling Calendar

The Town of Grifton operates a wastewater collection system under permit WQCS00247, issued by the ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT COMMISSION, N.C. DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES. This system consists of approximately 20 linear miles of gravity sewer lines, 6.4 linear miles of force mains, 10 duplex and 5 simplex pump stations, and all associated piping, valves, and appurtenances necessary to operate a wastewater collection system for the Town of Grifton.
During the year, 2017, this collection system was operated in compliance with all regulations applied to it by NCDENR. This system had no SSO’s (Sanitary Sewer Overflows), meaning that no wastewaters escaped from the system. Our 10 duplex pump stations are inspected daily and our simplex stations are inspected weekly. Each of our duplex pumping stations has two pumps that alternate in operation and have a backup generator or bypass pumping capability to operate in case of power failure.
Wastewater collected by this system is pumped to the Contentnea Metropolitan Sewerage District (CMSD) treatment plant where it is treated and discharged into the Contentnea Creek.
The Town of Grifton has expended considerable resources studying and inspecting the collection system in an effort to reduce stormwater inflow and groundwater infiltration into the system. The Town purchased a sewer jet vac truck this year to assist in the sewer line cleaning for the prevention of sewer overflows. This year the Town of Grifton received a $ 1,276,000 grant and $ 441,000 loan from U.S.D.A. that consists of both pump station rehabilitation and gravity sewer improvements. The Contentnea and Woodlawn pump stations will be totally renovated with new pumps, controls and site appurtenances. In addition, the project includes 14 new manholes, 51 sewer service lateral re-connections and 5100 LF of sewer line replacement. Should you have any questions, please contact the Town of Grifton, by mail at P.O. 579, Grifton NC 28530; by telephone at 252-524-5168; or visit us at


Job Opportunity

Water Resource Technician I - The Town of Grifton is currently accepting applications for a Water Resource Technician I position. The primary duties for someone in this position will be heavy equipment operation, repair and maintenance of town streets, repair and maintenance of water/sewer infrastructure, and other duties assigned by the Utilities Supervisor. Applicants must have skill in operating heavy equipment, knowledge of sewer lift stations, knowledge of and the ability to use small power tools, and have basic construction skills. This position will require the employee to be on Stand-by once a month after the 6 month probation period. Employees are compensated for Stand-by time. Minimum Qualifications: Procession of driver’s license, high school degree, two years experience working in utilities, willingness to advance by increasing knowledge and certifications. Hiring range for this position is $25,480 to $33,904.