Water and Sewer

he Town of Grifton operates a wastewater collection system under permit WQCS00247, issued by the ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT COMMISSION, N.C. DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES. This system consists of approximately 20 linear miles of gravity sewer lines, 6.4 linear miles of force mains, 10 duplex and 6 simplex pump stations, and all associated piping, valves, and appurtenances necessary to operate a wastewater collection system for the Town of Grifton.

Effective July 1, 2019 
1.0 Meter Reading, Billing and Payment Responsibility
 Meters shall be read and statements of charges for water and other services shall be rendered at regular intervals as determined by the Town. Typically, the meters are read in the middle of the month on a monthly basis.
If a customer’s bill is NOT paid by the due date which is the 15th of month, unless such date is on a weekend, in such case the bill would be due on the following Monday. If payment is NOT received by the due date, a $ 15.00 late fee will be assessed to your account.
If a customer’s bill does NOT have a zero balance by the cutoff date indicated on the bill, the customer’s water shall be cut off for nonpayment and a $ 25.00 cut-off fee added to the bill.
If the customer has NOT made payment in full by the 15th of the following month after being cut off for non-payment, the account will be closed and the  deposit applied.
Once cut off, payment must be made in full with cash or money order.  NO CHECKS
Failure to receive a bill will not release a customer from payment obligation or late fees.
All Town Water account balances are subject to collections and/or reporting to credit agencies and submittal to the Department of revenue.
2.0 Deposit/ Extensions
There will be a $ 200.00 deposit required to open a utility account.
There will NOT be any payment extensions allowed on a delinquent account.
3.0 Adjustments of Bills
Only adjustments for sewer will be allowed under this Adjustment Policy. Except for an error in meter reading or billing or for meter inaccuracy as determined by Town testing, the Town will not be obligated to make adjustments to any bill for sewer. When excessive meter registration is caused by broken or leaking water service by pipes on the customer’s premises, without the customer’s knowledge, the Town has its option to may make an adjustment to the bill. After repairs have been made to the customer’s premises, upon proof of repair, the Town may approve billing adjustment for the billing period affected. No more than one adjustment will be allowed during a 12 month period. The basis of an adjustment granted shall be an allowance for the portion of excess over normal usage under similar operating conditions, as determined by the Town.
4.0 Turn-On/Turn off – Liability Disclaimer
The Town shall not be liable for any loss or damage to persons or property that may result from the turn-on or turn-off of the water service or from the service being left on when the premises is unoccupied.